Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Five Imaginary Lives.....

If you had Five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them?

My first response is this...

1. A drummer circle leader
2. A creative circle leader
3. A creative space and gallery owner
4. Author of how to books-Collage Art 
5. Always reinventing my personal Artist....book maker, best collage artist I can be, sculptor in clay. 
6. Owner of large land space for horses, animals, big pole barn for workshop-art shop

Now I questions...imaginary lives....I have to say I'm not that imaginary about the lives...I'm pretty ground there...

Does this sound weird if I say I like my life...and what I'm doing and growing with in the life I have manageable growth steps...

this is a task to do in the Artists Way and well done now...can check it off this week...need to fit in an artist date and a trip to the dollar store with a few bucks to see what I can gift the inner artist with. 

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