Sunday, September 24, 2017

What a Demo Day~

 So we....I should say He-the Husband started here...dumpster with a bow on not really but it's better then flowers to me.

 The wall stripped of the drywall is beginning to happen.

 That same wall  that was between the bathroom and the old is in demolition mode.

My job was to tend to the four legged critters...Our Hank is not a demo dog...he needed his thundershirt on but we don't have one so I was it.  Gracie, young and a trooper just went to her default mode of dropping down on her belly and laying there.  Though when I sat down so did hank...but I did have to get up and help now and then and run that "mean ass shop" 
When I see them floor joist over his head...I total him it bring back memories of you putting them in when the twins were very young...maybe a year and a half and we were living with his parents...not sure if they remember but it is me that he's done this all.  Sure it's taking a long time but it's happening now.  Tough work still head. 

 Not the pretty site....the old toilet the Property Brother's the Home owners are to do this job...well the Home Owners did the job...the Old toilet is gone all chopped up.  The window to the left or the frame of a window to the left was the original back wall of the house but not it's the stair way.  At one time before we moved in to the kitchen section we had raccoons in the house and a mother with 5 babies were coming down the stair looking to the window and Our kids were look back at them...A little wild life adventure up close...all safe and the husband opened the back door of the garage and off they ran....

As night falls and all strength is but a vision for maybe tomorrow we clean up and eye the new bathroom door and old one...Lots more work to do. The whole family is excited about the space we have now...where the new bathroom is was the smallest bedroom that had bunk worked for the kido's when there were young.  History in this house and so many changes. 


  1. I can only imagine your excitement! It is going to look awesome when it is done. Kudos to Randy for taking this challenge on.

    1. Thanks....been our whole life...just kicking it back in gear he is.. now!

  2. Fun fun. A very creative Enterprise and so much to look forward to.
    I love Remodeling and I love hearing about it.


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