Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Gathering of Feathers

Feathers from around the house...Two Morning dove tail feathers, One Great Horned Owl feather, body fluff I would say...and a Robin, Blue Jay and I'm not sure but it could be a Crow feather and of course a Flicker.  

I have to hide these or Sophie trails off with them. 

This Morning Type Four on the Enneagram daily email says...

Contemplate the Holy Ideas today: No matter what type you are, Holy Law is the dynamic, living unity of everything as an unfolding process. There can be no independent doing or accomplishment because everything is happening together. 

My Rock I picked this morning shares "Spirituality"

time for a long walk in the woods before I start hauling the art and stuff out of the studio and into the tents...rain might be coming in mid week but not on the weekend I hope.  

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