Thursday, September 21, 2017

From the book Artist Way Every Day

From book,
September 21st
Julia Cameron's daily meditation.

Very often in our creative live we can feel ourselves in jeopardy. We may have a sudden and debilitating doubt that our work will continue to be supported by the Universe. We may have been earning a living so far, but that's so far-our fear says- and so far is no guarantee of tomorrow. Rather than trust that there is an unseen but benevolent web gently holding us in our place, we often panic and act like we have gotten where we have gotten entirely on our own. But there is a benevolent web that holds us gently in our place. There is a larger power that wishes us well. We are led well and carefully. In order to be led further, we need only to ask for help. Help is always available to us. We need to open ourselves up. We need to be receptive.

Doubt and fear can be triggered at any point, turn or sneeze right? We question sometimes every step, and the four we took yesterday with the jump we might have to take tomorrow. Yikes...spin oneself into a trap of worry and sit with it and it becomes a habit of thinking.

It's a natural thing to loose site of a bigger picture and to pull in and think you have to do this dance-life on our own.  It's also natural to have doubt and have some fear, what not natural is to stay in that thought process and spin yourself into the point of being stuck in your muck...emotional baggage some would say.

One of my observations recently was to be observant and take a look at my emotional baggage so that I can receive the message... be it spiritual...Yes.  Seeking Good Orderly Guidance, Yes.

From Wabi Sabi Living.....When you embrace the whole of your life and recognize the value of every aspect, including the mishaps and flaws, then the very imperfections that once diminished your happiness can become sources of insight and strength.

Being aware and accepting, taking our luck as it comes.... All good, as the gently web that holds us in place.

Why am I pulling from these resources?  because they're areas I dig deeply from and ask for help with. Looking for inspiring words of wisdom to help me not stay stuck in my muck.  The continued daily practice of morning pages/spillage of words and journal writing then leads to moments of gratitude and with that gratitude the awareness that it's not done alone but with guidance form a source a hell of a lot bigger then I every thought possible.

Out to walk the four legged friends...tend to the house a bit and my treasured book club full of artists and tonight I continue an experience of a Gong Bath...blessings and the day unfolds.


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours,