Monday, September 04, 2017

Do you every wake up to a flow of ideas?

So this little ditty is a piece that I explored awhile back and did something different with. Oh it's a collage on a wood panel, but I have it  presentation differently by making it a stand alone.  The slices of tree branch I bought a while ago painted with a dark green black glazing became the legs.  
Idea #1 I want to make a series of the future and of different sizes too. 

These two piece are called, Free Form collaging... I was teaching at LaGrange Art League...for over 10 years...I needed to keep the students growing and myself too. Working on watercolor paper and creating a back ground first with acrylics then using up are scraps to create this wonderful free flowing and forming abstracts.  Love the movement and compositional challenges offered when creating these.  I always shared about having a party when creating this pieces...the different places people hang out at a like the small sections where the visual connection are in these pieces.  Idea #2 Create a series of these free flowing pieces

This piece above is a study of Cruciform with scraps collage papers and the pushing back and bring forward the layers of paper and colors, involving visual textural aspects and preforming with a deep sense of depth.  Idea #3...create a whole series of these in different sizes...but also would love to go very small like these little sketches...
This is one is just about 3 inches by 3 inches. Working with a horizontal and cruciform composition.

This is a sketch I've done a few weeks ago for a series of work I'm in the process of incubation and carrying out...these sketches will be my personal inspiration for larger works. 
 Ideas #4  I would be to create a whole series in Black, White and Gray with one color or just the three values... 

And of course a whole series of Spirit Animals....would be Ideas #5.  

Going through all my work and preparing for the outdoor studio exhibit this coming weekend...(Plugging it gently)  I can't help myself when I see the different works and Ideas I've wanted to carry out further. For those that are like me and try to stay open to this intuitive inspiration we can't help ourselves sometimes as we jump from one idea to the next, testing out and exploring only to say I want to get back to this and see where it could take me.  Each time I work in a series of work something happens...and the best way I can describe it is....I understand a bit deeper the mystery of all things...I don't think I'm to get the mystery...that would take all the fun out if life but I do seem to understand its wisdom at a level I never expected.   Some need a class or workshop to get stimulated...I seem to give myself assignments and stay as much as I can and true to them.  Carrying them around in my mind, heart and soul..seeing them come to life and others allowing them to take me for a creative ride. 

My rock I picked this morning said...Say a Prayer,  Lately it's for those that have been hit the hardest with life situation...and for myself I usually seek guidance to do the next right thing or to just seek awareness and guidance from what is all around me...but today I find this welling up in me and want to follow my hearts desire-dream, to be that artist in the old pick up truck bouncing down the gravel road a bit to her studio with her dogs...wonderful misfits of joy...and still creating into her elder years getting ready to bring some new work to exhibit some my prayer is..." Great Spirit in all living things might I ask for your guidance if this it to be true on how to continue this creative journey and follow your good orderly direction." 

My inspiring words this morning came in this form...."be still and know that I am with you"  "Stay Connected"..and "let it begin with me..."



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