Friday, September 15, 2017

Do you ever receive Insight from Nature?

Yesterday I knew I needed to walk and for a long time.  Get back into the swing of my bodies movement...well not quite as you see Gracie pulls me along...her bloodhound-ness which she can't help directs the walk...but I figure I'm doing the power walking.  My eyes, ears, nose and heart were awakened to the color contrast, sounds and smells. I just kept saying, "Thank you"...."Thank you"...the beauty of the forest in transition already with the decay and color was so breath taking and it's not even at it's peek, fall that is.  Still Summer according to the calendar.   I have a friend and her husband down in Florida and they were effected by the nature and her whales of water and winds. The destruction and imperfect sights though the human kindness all around remind me of Wabi Sabi book I've read about three times now...and this will be the fourth time...a good reminder of how we think and see the world.   What really is important.  Well back to my I came around a bend heading down to the last stretch of the path before we began another round I looked up to this beautiful Winged one...a Redtail Hawk. What a sight and how blessed I felt that this creature would be so close.   About 12 ft above me....and flow off. 

When insight is this close I take a deeper look at things...pull from books the meaning of these creatures that make appearances in our life so close.  Messenger they are and from the gods...the medicine is to teach you to be observant. Observe the obvious and is life sending you signals?

There is so much more that I receiving that it's kind of overwhelming but in a really creative and curious way.  So as you see above I've been drawn to make a silhouette of a redtail hawk so that I can create a collage piece....the silhouette can be use to cut out a hawk from the collage papers I make or use the inner part to create the opposite image. 

 Cutting stencils is a bit more primitive but I do enjoy it. I used these above for  The Danada Herd I did a while back... 36 x 48
The Danada Herd, 

using the same stencil and different papers how the spirit of the piece changes...don't you think? 

One of my the Prayer flag series I did a while back with an Artist Way Course....the sand hill is a stencil and I used acrylics....still have that stencil I love using the utility knife and cutting up the silhouette. Process work right? 

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