Saturday, September 02, 2017

Art Journal page..

Some gesso and a stencil began the process...let it dry over night and started dropping some India ink on the surface and the some rubbing alcohol.. bit of a science experiment.   Sprayed some water and tilted up and let drip down...funny thing is you can see that part.  Draw some lines across the whole page and found some old photos from a book some gave me with advertisement in it. Use some big charcoal colored sticks I had and smeared the crap out of things. Stamped and and used a geli pen...and then added some book thread-black here and there...can you see the Owl feather above the woman's head...I decided to put in because Sophie our cat would get it for sure some day so now it's in the art journal.  Moving design elements around and color...always layering the colors in different values...dark on light and light on dark... "She longs for her love of horses"


  1. Yo are amaizing, i love your work!!!!

  2. Such a amazing piece of work using the gesso and a stencil....


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