Thursday, August 24, 2017

Coptic stitching is on hold for now....

completed the number I wanted 

The last of the journal making for a bit is done....the feather one was paper that I used when making the prayer flags and it was just extra acrylics on my stamping and printing stuff...I found the paper in a pile of other papers to coat.   

My personal Morning pages are done in journals like this so the feathered one has more signatures then the other journals I'll be selling at the 9th Outdoor Studio Exhibit-Studio Pick's this year.  

And today I'm going to go through my book cases...not as many books this year as last year as I've tried hard to curb that addiction some what but I do have some still that need to be pass on to someone else for a sweet deal.  


  1. I love and lust after such gorgeous, rich and soulful journals.Please let me know... and I will watch..for when you're ready to part with one! You do good work, and I feel the spirit.. I do have one of them, which inspires the longing for another!

    1. Hi Mary Jo....

      I post the ones that don't sell after the Outdoor Studio Exhibit-Studio Picks we can go from there...Thanks for you support and kind words...means a lot~


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