Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Book Club Artists, If these Wall Could Talk, Frame and Gallery-Aurora IL

Nancy C, Dottie, Joan
Randy and Mary S.
Mary, with her daughter in law Tara and her grandson came to visit and see the exhibit from Alabama.  
Steve Dotties Husband, Dottie and Randy, my husband.
Some visitors and Cherie and Dottie
Front Window with Dottie and Mary's works.
A photo of us getting ready into

What can I say....we are Awesome, not all of my photo's turned out, remember I stated a while back I'm the photographer in the family...that's my second oldest..but The Husband (Randy) did get a few good shots of us all together, Missing Gale Vance though....she out of town.

We are a book club and happen to be all as you know in life things evolve and next thing you know we are having an exhibit together. The exhibit will be up till August 2nd stop by and see the great artwork, frame shop and some really gracious hosts of the exhibit, Jennifer and Tim,  "Thank you both for this opportunity."

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  1. What a beautiful exhibit of thought provoking art from women I am constantly awed by in our book club! It was a night to remember, so grateful you captured it here, Laura.... thank you, thank you!!!


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