Monday, July 24, 2017

Our Babies Birthday Today...

Here is Jake and Bernie...Almost 4 years old.  Today is there 26th birthday, we celebrated last night with family and friends. It was late winter or very early spring...the weather was warm and the grass hadn't changed over to green yet.  Their standing in front of their Father's old truck...The Clemster...yes it had a name.  It's the truck also that our Second oldest daughter Maddie  jumped off the back and fell and broke her arm... Days are easier now...we are not  on the edge of our seats watching out so no one gets hurt.  But those days are also blessing to see in pictures...flashes me right back to them playing in the water, like they were getting away with something. I know I'm one of those mom's that let them experience life with all their senses... a truck and some rubber boots let the adventure begin..

Happy Birthday Jake and Bernie... Wishing you a Happy 26th Birthday today. 

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