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Friday, July 28, 2017

Forward thinking, incubating....and creating

Yesterday I took a road trip out to the Starline Gallery...from me with traffic it could be about 1 1/2 hours to get there.  I brought an artist friend that had not see the place before and that was just delightful to show her around.   I've been invited to exhibit on a wall space there next year.  I like to physical see the space and I also like to talk to the people I'm going to be working with face to face if at all possible.   
I was asked to show my process of creativity...How Awesome is that?   I'm so pumped up and excited.  I have tons of other stuff going on or about to go on soon...in my life (new classes and workshop etc this late summer and early fall.)  I'm just so happy that I started now with this process of getting prepared for an exhibit.  I want to create new works and this is so dang exciting...I can hardly contain myself...so here's my notes still need some details work out and there is time.. I left out the names of the people I'm working with now...just because. 

Notes: Starline Gallery for Exhibit April 2018

Dates of Exhibit:  Included in 4th Friday April 27th till May 17th (to be determined by ___)
            Drop off: April, 21st, 22nd or 23rd  (best on Monday or Tuesday ____ can help hang with Laura)
            Pick up: May 17th?

Exhibit space:_________ Wall in her Studio
o   Wall space, and possibily display panels (wall measurments and display sheet in hand)
o   Inventory and title cards (was not talked about but assume it’s a for sure thing)
o   Commisson on Sales- % (need to find out)
o   Set up myself and _____ can help hang show
Insurance:  Artist own insurance

Theme of exhibit: Laura’s creative process exhibited
·        Artist statement, CV etc. business cards
·        Blips, facts or saying from the artist-( to share with people who don’t know about me.)
·         4 x 6 head shot
·        Information need two week before exhibiting- April 17th possibily

Marketing: Social media
·        linked up with facebook with _________and The Starline Gallery Fourth Friday info
·        Laura will share on her website, social media 

Can I gather emails and names at the time of exhibit with my own sign-up sheet for my email list

Idea's....first popped into my head...

These images I've shard are form morning collage mediation...where I set and create with magazine paper for about half an hour and let it be what ever comes out in relationship to the papers I pick from the start and the relationship that evolves from how the papers are next to each other. 


make small thumb nail size piece and bring them larger....


Create a piece and use a view finder and break that puppy down and recreate new piece for the views I find...

I am so pumped...I've not felt this way in along time.  So Grateful for the invite from Nancy Merkling at Starline Gallery. 


  1. Woman, you are a marvel! I was just reading your to-do list for July. OMG! You amaze me no end. I hope all goes well for you with Starline Gallery. I think it will.

  2. I'm sure it will I'm excited to get a move on some idea for it...Loving you work lately...your an inspiration too dear lady~


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