Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Workshop at Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery

Just found out this Workshop is a Go!!! There are still a few more opens left if your interested. 
Contact Naperville Fine Art Center and Gallery, ask for Patricia or Linda to register. Wed-Sat 11-4pm (630)-355-2530

This is something in the works small but would like to stay all white...been sitting on the shelf for a few months..decided to pull it down get re-inspired. I would like to make a mini collage floating between the two sticks.  Got a whole day open tomorrow... after out morning walks...the pupperoni's and I.

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  1. Kitchen looks great, but more importantly, I bet it FEELS great.
    You write about painting your tipi and now your kitchen. They are both important SPACES to you.
    Isn't it wonderful that we can change space and emotion with COLOR?
    What's next? Haha


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