Sunday, May 28, 2017

Photo's from this past week at Dillman's Part 2

 Just to practice the process of tacking glazing and shadowing with a bit of stenciling or stamping I have everyone make a red roof house, shack, shanty, beach tent...etc. It always amazes me how these little red roof take a life of their own.

 This is Rebecca's piece in process...Working with the magazine pages, tea and polymer and her silk papers.
 Here Lili fell in love with this image from the magazine and distorted with the nevr dull or was it citra solv so she could use it.

Adele, created this paper with the India ink and wanted to work it with the tea paper too.

 This is Lisa's piece the tree was a wonderful symbol in this piece, and working in all her other papers.
 Caught Lisa checking if it works or doesn't work.
Mary Lee on with her third one...

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