Monday, May 15, 2017

Peaceful Mother Day

Candles...candles...candles and in three months I'll be needing to purchase more candles. So when I was gifted for mothers day with candles I was very excited. It's something I use daily with my morning page in the morning with the quiet of the house still sleeping.

Yesterday Morning I bundled up and sat outside on the back patio area with my candle coffee and morning pages.  No boots or mitten but was bundled up.  I heard the call of a Great Horned owl which tickled my inner nature girl.

All day long I gravitated to the children are not married and all but one have a boyfriend so we are grand-childless and that's fine. Their making good choices in this world at this time.  Not rush, though the grandparents of these children would like to be great's not happening so we take our luck as it comes.

I read in my book I'm reading now.. Lilypad list, 7 steps to the simple life...which is right on schedule for me and my age...learning how to grow older with grace. I've been blessed with being able to do a whole lot of things I've wanted to do and with extra's too...though the call is one back to some basic stuff.  Keep balance at what every age you are is a daily challenge.  Making some adjustments and stay flexible is a key.

I had not done any sketching of any sort in my chunky art journal so I pulled that out...  Some where in an Old Oprah magazine I found a quote and it said.
 "You will find if you face your fears you will realize they become paper thin" maybe it wasn't Oprah but it was in her magazine and I had cut it out and glued it to a pre-vision board one year.

So here are sketches from my chunky journal

I continue the recording of daily... 

As for the book about 7 steps to the simple it's a easy's now but I've scored pretty good on the little test she put in there and I'm to make some small adjustment on priorities...Go figure. 

I guess the expectation of this life is at this point I would like to not be governed by the internet and here I am typing my heart out on the blog...silly but it's the way of communication these days. Not all but the quickest.  And as Julia Cameron's about living a full-time life and that is a goal.  Being more active in live that is lived not witnessing others live theirs.  
 BALANCE is the Key here with all that is Giving, Gathered and Shared. 

Grateful for the peaceful day that was giving to read, sketch and create with not pressures to do it.  

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