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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Open Studio Class- Mayslake Peabody Estate

Susan worked from her sketchbook to the larger substrate...nice job though the image changed and rightly so as her experience evolves so will the art.
This is a piece that Susan has been work things out on..as of trying the different techniques and though there was some struggles here and there..it's how you learn taking a few scary risk here and there...it's only paint..right ?

4  these for images of Kennette work in a journal were all done in class over the past 6 weeks.  Yes I had some people work on boards, canvas, in art journal book...it was open studio so what ever goes!
Joanne, was always busy, every time I looked up or walked by she was working on a new one.

Dianne, Joanne's Twin Sister was on a roll with all these collage piece..how wonderful.

Sandy exploring a Art Journal book and trying out all the different techniques offer each week and creating a nice piece on canvas there with the dolphins.

Judy's works, using a sketchbook first then making another piece from that.

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