Friday, May 19, 2017

Loaded and ready....well a few more things

I so wished I could take Hank with me but the big boy needs room and with food and clothes there leaves barely any room...but I will have two of my three daughter coming up.  I will see them in the morning hours and after the workshop each day. They get to explore Dillman's and the excited for them.  
My crazy brain wants to bring more...Heck its only 5 days...but I want to show them more and what they can do.  Guess I got to leave it be and let them explore on their own...its better that way. Not sure how my internet service will be so, Up in the Northern Woods...will see what I can show here and there of the workshop. Road Trip and stopping into see my Parents...All great things...Bust'n a Move Baby!!! 

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