Sunday, March 26, 2017

Demo Pieces-Game Day today!!!

Working with about 5-7 pieces of paper is the norm for I use them and home many pieces a different story. My favorite piece of paper yesterday was the workstation piece of paper from the Lithuanian newspaper that I had under my collage paper making area.  The muck up sheets...extra paint extra. I finish mucking up on them and coat them too. In the workshop I try to show how to use different papers.  So you not just using one thickness through out.  We have tissue paper stained which allow us to put book pages or found paper behind and see through.  Drawing paper painted with solid color which provides us with some open space to stamp and stencil on.  Kraft papers painted with gesso...And some gestural make making with our paint brush ends or skewer. 

 The scraps that are left over can offer an opportunity to create a nice little abstract landscapes.  This is on a 6 x 12 piece of watercolor paper with a 1" on either side when you cut the tape off. 

We will begin today using all the papers that they made...enough exercising...Game Day for collaging!

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  1. Am loving the concept of not wasting ANYTHING...and repurposing so beautifully.


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