Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Blurred image of a bison...but I was there..

To add to my chunky journal I stopped off at Fermi Lab and sketched a quick image of the Bull laying out there by himself...hard to see them next to a fences but happy to see these lovely creature. the brown on the paper is the dirt from the ground where I was standing...No it's not bison
I just got done dropping off some art at Water Street Studio's and felt a need to venture off the path a bit and ground myself.
I came home and continued with the raw umber brown on the prayer flags....10 down 50 to go...

I'm enjoying limited palette and tools...pushes that creativity.   One thing I can't write a word and expect it to be read the write will come out the opposite when printing with the gelli plates...silly but well got to make mistakes.

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