Monday, February 13, 2017

All about teaching

Yesterday morning as everyone was waking up and making their breakfast.  Randy came in to the kitchen with his box.  Two years ago I purchased this box and got needles, thread, buttons and scissors with a few other a needle threader for those big hands of his.   I know I could sew on this buttons for him but with a household always needing something I showed him a while ago how to do it and well he's been taking care of that job all by himself.  But then the thread and needle would walk off and he couldn't find it when he needed it.  So now we are here sitting at the table with the old garage shirt on and sewing a button as he's wearing it.  We all got a loving chuckle when we seen him come out with his box...but so very proud of him that he can tend to his own buttons now.  

We can give or do something for someone but it's so much more richer to them if we show them how and let them tend to it themselves....Independence what a gift....

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