Monday, February 06, 2017

Accountability and sharing a photo

Accountability Week 6th-12th of February 6, 2017
  • ·         Start preparing for 1-day  workshop- mean I do a bit more prepare for time
  • ·         Get a hotel set up for March’s workshop
  • ·         Contact president of MCS-Midwest Collage Society…get ball rolling on some business stuff with her
  • ·         Look over first draft of proposal for a solo exhibit, re-writes are needed for sure but feel good I started.
  • ·         Check health insurance for forms need to do taxes…required by my tax lady, rest of taxes are ready
  • ·         Photo 2-Coptic stitch journal made this weekend get them up on blog page for sale
  • ·         Create Tack down Tuesday art, photograph it and get  ready for email Newsletter on Tuesday Launch
  • ·         Family stuff, food shopping, paint tipi, exercises, walk dogs, clean house…etc.
  • ·          Prepare a larger substrate for a new piece of collage work.
  • ·         Teach on-line class and face to face class this week.
  • ·         Fit some Valentines shopping in or make some cards….depending on time allotted.
  • ·         Prepare material, contract, flyer for promoting new workshop in July…excited just got this gig. 
Kathi is one of my on line students and lives in San Diego, she kindly went to The Crow Show at The Studio Door Gallery space and took this photo...So kind and very thankful to see my work and we don't get to see each other sometimes unless a photo is shared. 

Thanks So much Kathi!!! 

And a new collector of on my pieces 
"Who's your Maker..  
I wanted to share her site with you...How cool  
Check out Michelle Berkey Site 

Very Grateful this to head to the woods...time for a good walk before I tackle some of the weekly tacks....Yikes best bust a move!!! 

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