Friday, January 27, 2017

No it's not Flowers....LOL

In Microsoft program you can play around with some of the elements and draw with them....a few days ago I did.   Can you tell what this is?  If you guessed Plates Spinning your right.  My Rock that I pick out of a bowl on the kitchen table every morning shared it's message with me this morning....Breathe In, Breathe Out...and boy do I need that.  Kind of a Stop Look and Listen action.  I was also sharing with someone when they asked, "How are you doing?"  I'm doing really good, but do you know when life is busy and you're doing good that it can still feel like your spinning plates or just plan Overwhelmed.  

As many post and journal entries over the years this is when I run away...or walk in the woods and regain my personal balance and rhythm which is all good to recognize for oneself.

I've entered different memberships this year...I question if that was a good choice but I don't have to make a choice about not being part of it...I can let it ride and be what it is and me just be a member.  (personally breathing in and out here)

What if you've always function at a plate spinning mode I ask myself?  Working out of the house the presence of working while other leave and go to work is always a mind game with me.  It's a wonderful spot to be in working out of the home...don't get me wrong but I do have to let go of somethings I see daily (dirty dishes,laundry,etc)   and shift into work's not always acceptable by most that live in the homestead...thinking you're there and you can take care of this...blah blah blah....I do say I've got full work load most day and get the stink eye...kind of funny.

But back to spinning plates...or stick figure flowers.

When I stop, look and listen I take the breath in and breath's such as life and I have so much to be grateful for that the overwhelming parts slip away and I get busy again... and keep moving forward.  Cycles, crazy hamster wheels, seasons....etc.  I've been very fortune to continue what I do...I question why most times...and the answer is always some bigger then me.  Kind of like doing service work...sure there's a little sum collected but why and what is so much more.  Some might say doing for the love of life, creativity, inspiration....a conduit of sorts.

With my Book Club we are reading Studio Stories-Lauren Rader and I'm finding similarities about the gathering of  people and being creative together...working at making art and sharing life and growing healthy in mind, body and spirit.  

So a moment of ramble and a moment of breathing in and breathing out....onward I go happily spinning like a little kid....and onto the next thing....

Today I drop off my selected grouping art works to exhibit and a percentage sold goes to help the Robert Crown Center that all of my children went to learn about their bodies and health.  Funds are being cut left and right as we all know so any little bit helps and it's in my community...thinking of those to yet to come.  


  1. Just had a moment, while it's too hot to work in the studio,to check out your posts. Haven't done that in ages. You seem as busy as ever!

  2. That's what I hear over there that it really hot....I have a student in my on line class from Australia that is saying the same.... Stay cool as you can my friend~ And yes sometimes I have to say Ho and pull in the reins...but then more ideas flood in and well one needs to activate them and see where they will go. Right?


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