Sunday, January 08, 2017

In Honor of you Little Fella...

Carl  we think a beagle mix with a herding dog...of sorts...he didn't play but was the keeper of the yard birds, squirrels and the rabbits.   Carl was able to carry around duck eggs with out cracking them. when we had a nest in the back yard by the old Cottonwood stump.  He would smell and spot the coyotes across the street where the Cattail basin is there. Carl would be my studio buddy, laying up on the carpet floor while I was working.  Carl was a good teacher for Hank...he would correct Hank when he was a puppy.   And Carl loved to come into the tipi in the afternoon while I did my afternoon reading some times.

While the Woman were making their Creative Vision Boards yesterday I let them know that I would be doing this for Carl...such a understand group...Stories are shared and healing follows.

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