Sunday, January 08, 2017

A Wonderful Full Day Creating our Vision Boards-Mayslake Peabody Estate,

 So a few things to start us off....I had everyone bring in a photo of themselves to place in the center area of the board...either vertically or horizontally...

 Pulling out images...cutting and trimming...there's were it starts to expand.

 Here is my studio where I actually added a small table to spread out more magazine images to see what gathered.

 And here are the woman that gathered around the table...Tania and Jeanne...

 Cosette making a many of them to make as we all have pulled so many wonderful images to help us on our creative journey of life this coming year.

 The ability to spread out is what is offered and Dear Teri jumped for the idea...

 Eileen's first time here at Mayslake I can see already she was enjoying herself.

 Here's Tania midway...into her vision board.

 Jeanne's wonderful image of the bridge and the symbolism she is so excited about exploring it this new year..

 Nancy making choices with the next layer of images.

 Patty cutting and trimming her magazine images getting them ready for gluing down.

 Alison, cutting out the image of herself.

 Oh Bonnie with her lovely White hair....if you look close you can see her image in the in the wind~
 Karen, Looking for that right image to go with the words that have great meaning for her...

The Creative Vision Board











These Vision boards are only a piece of watercolor paper, 140 lb. 18 x 24 images and words glued to the surface. The power of images have always been a wonderful visualization and motivator for years.  The hardest part about this is that we will now have to take some risk, try new things out and explore these area's in front of us if we want to be part of what each has created.

Things have a way of playing out and not in any set way....We become open and aware to possibility and new direction in our lives.

We had a moment before we started the physical act of selecting, cutting, and gluing that we gathered,centered, shared and opened up to a safe environment to be ourselves as woman and the journeys we've have had and are excited and maybe a bit scared to venture into as the new year begins.   I heard word that Next Year 2018 we should all gather again and see what evolves from the Creative Vision Board 2017...

with Gratitude to these womankind for a wonderful and successful time together.


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Hi Laura,

    It was such a joy and blessing to be part of this class with such wonderfully spirited women! Thank you for your gentle essence and encouragement in which to create! All our hearts were touched hearing of the loss of Carl. I do hope that Carl's four legged friend has decided to eat and thrive again in his absence. Eileen

  2. I so wanted to be in this class! But life interfered. 2017 got off to a rocky start. And I am so sorry about Carl. I hope he is having a grand old time across the rainbow bridge!


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