Tuesday, January 03, 2017

2017 Creative Vision Board - No goals just vision and inspiration

 Here is my Creative vision board for 2017.  

This one I had to say good-bye too,   It was hard...it's only paper glued to a board...Right?  But because of this board so many new things were joyed this year because of it.  
  • continued to eat whole and healthy 
  • took up horseback riding lessons, which I'm still taking
  • made bohemian dream catchers
  • Created leather bound books
  • give myself a treat by taking a retreat
  • worked on my stress with yoga and breathing
  • Knowing the feeling of being lost and a good glance at the board here and I knew I wasn't Lost. 
  • fell in deeper to my connection with nature and spirituality
  • created work from the heart
  • Taught four classes on line
There is much more that made itself present during the year I didn't keep track of just tried to be more present to it. I know there was transformation throughout the year and it was more about the rediscovery of my own personal truths, and beliefs.   

 UP close now with 2017...Card 1....I would like to find a moon stone ring.  And begin a three day of silence as much as I can...mainly disconnect each month during which  I can listen to my own inner knowing as a woman.
 Card # 2....the way the vision board has worked for me is I bring it down and focus on a card for a two month period and while visually still seeing the whole. Slipped my word for the year in there, Natural.

 Card #3 I found to be the most important of the cards as it has a photo of myself in it...and how so fast we as woman criticize ourselves and this image of myself helps me see me...make sense.

 Card #4...I'm with hope that the new tipi will be painted and I will have the three drums made that I purchased this last year...it's just the hide and the frame...it's a process of preparation when making a drum...I'm sure this will keep revealing more to me as I get closer...Creativity is at the heart of this year.
 Card #5, there a bit more open space with this...can't wait to see what comes of it...

Card #6...Nature is my Church...


  1. Once again, thanks for the inspiration! Got my supplies ready to go...magazines, photo of myself, apron, glue, scissors and watercolor paper ground. I will be at your workshop in mind and spirit with the body being in Florida.

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for the inspiration!!There is motivation for me and others.
    Vision Board


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