Friday, November 18, 2016


I had to take the tipi down.....the poor thing was just falling apart as I looked at it.  It's made of Cotton Duck Canvas and with some protection on it...but being out in the elements does takes it's toll on things.  I have a new one waiting for me to paint it this winter season.  I'm not sure what but I do know it will come to me.

Heading out for a little get away with the Husband this weekend and looking forward to it...seems we both need to have a moment to flee and run away and wander a bit.  Holiday stuff is upon us with Thanksgiving and many family and friends coming over...As we say in our house, This isn't my first Rodeo.

I have two big turkeys being the process of thawing in the refrigertor...some food shopping has been and we are getting excited.

Well off to tend a to a few things...promised the husband Chocolate chip cookies to take with us.

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