Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Crone Manifesto

I have many things on the list to do today but I find myself wandering...searching and seeking the deeper parts of self.  I don't mean self of Ego...but the self of truth,  again I spiral inward on a journey of Know Thy Self.   I'm in a good place one were the really self want to come out and not to worried about what other think.   I know it shouldn't matter but it does..we all know it and do it...but there is a stronger awareness on the side of "Who Give's a Damn"  these days...and really get going on Living a Creative Spiritual Life.

so I wander...on a trail but off my normal and find

A Crone Manifesto....from this blog -Tess Giles Marshalls

·         I will banish the word ‘should’ from my life
·         I will laugh a lot, including gently at myself sometimes
·         I will gather my community of loved ones close about me
·         I will speak up bravely when I need to
·         I will demonstrate that a little eccentricity gives spice to life
·         I will live more simply, leaving space for what’s really important to me
·         I will treat my body to movement and to delicious, nourishing food
·         I will compromise as little as possible
·         I will find all kinds of occasions and people to celebrate
·         I will live in a profoundly creative way, understanding that the word creative does not always refer to the arts but to a deeper current running through life
·         I will, being human, feel fear and regret sometimes; I will not allow those feelings to define me
·         I will ask for help when I need it
·         I will mark the significant moments of life, large and small
·         I will mourn my losses fiercely, in my own way
·         I will fall in love when I feel like it
·         I will work to heal our beautiful planet home
·         I will do and learn things I’ve always wanted to do and learn
·         I will forget to worry what people think of me
·         I will discover my gifts and offer them freely
·         It is entirely likely  I will wear Purple. 
·         I will live a spiritual life, although not necessarily a religious one
·         I will keep an open mind and an open heart
·         I will learn to cackle
Wearing Purple will be something different....and No I'm not lost...I would say I'm finding myself as a woman, friend, wife and artist.   This new year I will explore the areas of my own personal interest more deeply.
How about you?   

How Do I Thank Truth?

How to Thank Truth.
What does it mean to Thank Truth?  
Live in gratitude
Gratitude for my path
Just as it is unfolding.  
Cut myself some slack
Pat myself on the back
Lighten up
Maybe even embrace a little humor, even if it is dark humor
Don't take myself too serious

Self Reflections: Creator, Spirit of All That Is, help me remember that the path of my life takes me toward truth.  No matter how crooked my path, no matter if I stray far off the path laid out for me, eventually I WILL embrace my Truth.  And I will thank her for my journey.

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