Thursday, October 13, 2016

Collage- Sketchbook to Canvas

 Quick photo's of the class today...we made stained tissue papers and sanded magazines and got to use the Nevr Dull on them too.  The weather was nice enough to go out side and do it...bit of some smelly stuff.
 Getting the surface ready by spraying water first then laying the tissue paper down and then spraying again before the stain goes on...There were some great papers and good rich colors being made.

 Not every paper we have will be all the colors we need. We are exploring different papers to alter and creating in likeness to the collage sketch out of our sketchbooks...Not an easy task.

As I left class today I wanted to see the print exhibit at Argonne National Lab...Serial and Sequential art exhibit: A printmaker’s performance.  Well that was a bit of  job to get van had to be searched....I told them I was just loaded down with art supplies...when the doors opened...the Security Lady said you were right you do have a lot of art supplies.  Had to be checked out and then I was given a pass to go to the gallery in building 201.  Some really awesome printmaking works.  Etching, Litho's and Silkscreen to mono prints.  Another love of mine...some day I'll get back into it...did a bit of it all...still enjoy the process work for it.

So a full day made it to Naperville Art League to unload that Van full of Art Supplies and now home...resting up for an intense Three day workshop- Abstract Narrative Landscape.  Should be a good a great full house...

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