Saturday, September 03, 2016

Work selected...Spring 2017

These three images were selected for the Simply Art Spring 2017 collection with Dolcezza, from Canada...I was very surprise to see they selected these.  And very grateful. Not sure what style of garments will be coming up...this I won't find out till about Feb or Mar. of next year.

And this piece was selected in a print today..From Fine Art America.  

Joy in Every Day...I do remember this piece and had it on display up at Dillman's a few years ago when I was presenting a workshop...they had an open house and a woman that has a place in Florida and a condo there purchased it...and this year I 
had the pleasure of meaning her daughter in the class, it was an honor...


  1. Congratulations Laura...SUCH lovely images.

  2. Congrats Laura. Beautiful pieces all!

  3. So awesome! Those collages will be beautiful on clothing!


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