Friday, September 02, 2016

Trim the burning bush?

It was a prefect day to be outside yesterday...the winds were kicking up which I love.  Thinking about my friend and her husband in there new place, Largo FL. and Hurricane Hermine that has just passed through...just good thoughts for them and others that they make it through safe.  Things can be rebuild but lives...that's a different story.

So being the Outdoor Studio Exhibit is in the Driveway of my home and the Front yard is the part of the that...I spent a good 4 hours out there taming the green so to say.   Trimming back and edging a bit. I was very proud of how it looked then the husband wanted to trim the burning bushes I have up by the house...yes they are blocking the view of looking out or in some what but I love there shape and size.   I have moments when I'm not easy to get along with and that's when I voice my opinion about something that I would like to have to have left alone.  You see my husband has a way of giving one for the Gipper all the time and the last Burning Bush he trimmed looked so sickly it took a few years to get back it's shape.  So when he came home and seen how the yard looked he wanted to trip the bushes...I got a bit stern about it and said NO! ...he walked away like a hurt puppy...

Did a bit of research about the bushes and found out they can grow up to about 10 feet or be trimmed in the spring time...So shared this bit of information with him this morning...To funny he said if he didn't want to see outside he wouldn't have put window in....and I share but doesn't look like the woods out there?  Oh to have these kinds of problems is a blessing.

I share with you all the postcard with the information about dates and times.   I need to go to the village and get my permit now so that when I set up I'll be good with the village.  Darien Fest will be going on also so...this bring lots of traffic down our street.  Looking forward to seeing many old artist friends next weekend.  Lots to get prepared for in presenting this...Glad I started the body can recoup before the next step of setting up the tents and 100 trips up and down the stairs from the studio to outside...going get my exercise in...been preparing for that too as I've been vamping up the walking and yoga plus the horseback riding..rambling now...well best get a move on things today.

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