Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What started as a Exercise has become a workshop

This piece has found a home along time ago... But it was my first house I every did in collage.  It was on canvas with a cut out and a piece of glass that framed out the crow...that was some risky stuff in my early days.  I think the size was 18 x 18 it has citra solv papers in it too, that's when citra solve was just coming out. 

Sometimes in my workshop as a warm up exercise we do a red roof house.   I provide the papers, a piece of drawing paper painted red and everyone gets to dig through my scrap box of coated paper and create a Red Roof.  This morning I created this one while stopping and take photos to document the steps so I could put it in a lesson packet for the workshop...

These start out to be 4 x 4 but we seem to grow as it moves along. So I've been preparing for two things the Debut of the Dolcezza "Simply Art" Reception tomorrow night and getting papers ready for workshop that follows on Monday. I have to do more preparing for this workshop because of time and the students. Whom are at different stage of recovery from Cancer.  So I'm trying to make the experience as good as I can so there's more time to play around with building the Red Roof house itself.  But you need different papers and what better way then to jump right into making your own.  

And this is number 46 of 50....slowing down some but time hasn't allow me to sit and do it as I would have liked.  But what I found out I draw better standing up...isn't that odd...I wonder if there's something to that.  I'm looking over it as I draw instead of looking at angle from sitting down.  Maybe?  Progress on all fronts...the ball  that I've been juggling and become less...feels good. 


  1. Love these red-roofed houses - they're so joyful!

  2. Thanks...There fun to make too!


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