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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Still working the Vision Board

Do you see the gal with the Jeans on and basket on her hip...that's what I felt like yesterday.  Though I didn't look like here if was feeling that was with me all day. Not sure if I put this up or not...probably did I'll keep working with it till the end of August then I change my section of the Creative Vision board.  Every two months...My own personal mentor, spiritual direction meter I guess I would say.

So I had this set to post yesterday but the morning got away from me...turned it in for self care and did my cleansing shower and then a good hour of yoga.   I was so happen to have the body responding so well to the yoga.  I know I've been trying to up the exercise levels...I so easily can go to the lazy side of things these days.  Especially sitting behind a computer.

Well with good stuff happen at every turn I share with you the "Simply Art"  Clothing from Micheal Phillips Ltee line...

Link for this in a pdf   Here

And my latest Newsletter with more info about the Trunk show it Here. 

OK got to go and met up with a Art Director....Not sure where this will lead but it's a fun adventure.  

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