Friday, July 01, 2016

Vision in the furture

A while back at the begin of the year, actually it was Jan 1st that I did this Creative Vision Board for myself.  Pull resources, read up on things, purchased a pile of magazines and then I blocked out a whole day to create a vision board for the year.  I've always wanted to do that and well afterwards I was in awe what showed up and what wanted to be said, what is guiding through this year and where I truly am in my heart.  As Sheryl Crow sings in her one song, "If we could only get out of my head and into my hearts."(Detour)   My Board was able to be photographed and I brought it into photoshop  made 6 section from it.   Not realizing how this would all Play-out I just went for it. Dividing up the cards with a time span of two months for each section. I then made cards for myself so that I could focus in smaller amounts. Instead of trying to be guided by it all at once.    

As I sit outside this morning after my morning pages, I'm excited to be moving to the next card. Second half of the year is ready to begin.  I have this quotes I found in some of the magazines, they rang true when I choice them to be part of this year long inspiration. 1. "Surrendering to what is, being who I am right now that is enough"  and "2. The source you discover is mostly the source inside yourself."  What is so wild is as I'm knowing the time is come to move to the next card on my walk the other day I entered the path from where I park and there was a song so loud and from many side of the woods.  The coyotes were communication to each other at about 7:00 am, That was a bit of grace felt deep inside. They are entering to my life now and I only stay open for there teachings. 

 When society around me is a bit whacked out  I seem to need ground more so then ever.   The simpleness of life and not the pushing of more, you know "do more, make more, be more."  Oh I still will be doing what I do but at a pace that will allow me to live and be alive instead of a crazy maker.  There is and are great people out there sharing there ideas about what we-Creatives should be doing next and how we should do it...and there's starting to be more and more of these People/Coaches.  I myself read their stuff and pay attention to some of it but what it boils down to always is what is right and good for my life.  Call it checking in on thyself or staying ground with what is possible to really handle in this life time...I remember reading about chasing fame....don't want to do that it's like a drug.  Though the balance  of income and passion do have to meet now and then so.... I've been on the computer creating some classes for the new year. One of them is to share the process of creating a vision board for yourself. I'm very excited that Mayslake has accommodated me with a full day for this...some may think oh magazines on a board is nothing...that can be done in an less then an hour...sure it can but to really dig deeper and take a look at yourself and area that you would like to seek some change.  Creating something monumental for that takes a different mind and heart. It's you life and future specking to you.  Well I won't bore you all any more...I'm just very excited that this will be something shared in the new year.  

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