Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pick up and drop off Yesterday

4th Friday (see my piece in the image? The Mystic made in) 

Packed a lunch and grabbed extra bubble wrap and kissed the husband, let him know I would be gone all day to have fun and hit the road.  Picked up work at Mayslake and then got the GPS set for Harvard IL.  I'd been by that way once before when heading to Janesville for a workshop.  I got there early so wander/drove around a bit and settled into a bit of sketching the parking lot.

Not the happiest about the sketches but there done and I'm learning ...I so want to not keep looking at what I'm using as a reference the book and do my own thing. Each time I do that though the sketch goes a bit wonky on me.  

So still a bit early but saw people walking in with some pictures so being mine were bigger I decided to going in first and check it out...OMGosh cool was set up for a wedding, how wonderful and come this Friday it will be an Art Reception.  check out their website. 

I was feeling good so I decided to drive put to my cousin house to drop off her work and talk about the road trip we have planned together.  It was so good to sit out and be in her yard with the trees so much bigger and the horse around her house as a stable is next to her.  Came home and went to Bakers Square and had a BLT with the Husband and piece of Pie...and that was a good day. 

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