Friday, July 08, 2016

Painted Mare....War Ponies....Trees how do they connect?

As they say getting back in the saddle but this time no saddle just getting back to work I create  because I'm called to create it from some place I know only as ancient and old. It's a truth and its real even to this day.  The connection of a painted horse the symbolism of a war pony and trees....that came to me a while back. 

Still in process this Painted Mare, War Pony, Oak Tree, is a fast girl and she's been around for along time and has had many experiences.  Rich in the fall colors.  Her story is still being shared with me. As I put this images together, when I use to question why now I just do it and allow the story to be reveal as work with it and through it. 

Here is Painted Mare,War Pony, Shaggy Bark Hickory,  I'm sure I could have thought of a shorter title for it but it is what it is...The meaning of rain clouds, water and the symbols of the human hands upon it all...where's the understand in this where's the balance for us all. 

This image is from back in March of the year...been a while since I got back into them. Them I mean the series that is calling to be made.  it's a struggle to keep focused. but almost done with the second one. it might take all year to complete I have a skateboard deck to create on for a exhibit that I was accepted to be in come September I think.

The next color of the third painted Mare will be a palomino painted one.  One might ask why all Mares....they are the Matriarchs of the plains...The guiding force is was is being call upon with this pieces.

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