Friday, July 22, 2016

One thing on my mind? no just continuing a personal assignment

As I continue I see the area's I would like to focus on more and the areas that I really understand how it all connects.  When I went for my riding lesson this past Wednesday I was filled with joy that I was able to ride Lee again.  He's a big one and he really looks at me maybe because he has to look down at me but the eye contact is really cool and when I say his name he know's it  and response to his name.  He allowed me to really look at him straight on and touch his head all the way down to the nose so soft and pliable.  Sounds strange I know but being able to understand what you are drawing by touch too is so cool. I think that's why I enjoyed the and building of the clay.   I could draw out things and then sculpt them too. Get the 3 D effect.  Kind of reliving a bit of high school while doing this drawing exercises. Brings back memories of the art rooms and the teachers and the time I could be in them quietly creating...I was blessed some very good people during that time.

Oh Just found out about this channel on our cable...Ovation...Oh My cool...Art is Everywhere...

I also rented the movie last night "Hello My Name is Doris...I so enjoyed her quirky ways.  Nice little artist date on the couch with a good few laughs.

Tonight when the Husband gets off of work we will take the ride out to Harvard IL...For the Fourth Friday Event at the Starline cool.  Two piece of my work are in this show...
if they don't sell I'll be wrapping them up and bring the baby's home.  Looking forward to a nice road trip...once we get about a half hour out the of area things settle down and it's county all around. Green Space.

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