Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Had a few Moments of Creativity....jumped on it~

A bit shinny but it worked. I enlarged the image and did it in section so that it would span the length of the skate deck board, My colors are there and I'm happy about that.  Where it goes from here is a bit if incubation time.  Being this one is a created purely from a place out side of me...I know just paper and image of wooden Manikin...what the heck are you talking about Laura?  What I'm talking about is just starting with a simple ideas and building on it.  Play, see what happens when I sew the old letters together.  Then see what happens when I put a layer of white acrylic paint on it to push back the written word a bit and the apply other acrylics and some stamping...Each one was a test or risk to see what would happens if I did it and from there what would happens and I responded to it...Like it or not...and now it's time to let it incubate....allowing some time to let it grow together and for me to invite new image and life experience that will then allow me to add to this...or now and then I just keep experimenting and is what it is...

 Feeling some what better from the cold I attempted to get back into my sketching and drawing. This one I know I was still fussy with.
I'm wanting to be critical with them....front legs to long...body not as hefty as the picture I'm drawing it on... But I've made it to 25 sketches, I've reach an half way point and renewed my library card and renewed an interest in the library.  It felt good to be in the  place that provides a variety of service to community. They even have a little coffee cool.

Well lot to do not going to my lessons tonight...strength is not up to par and I have to pack for the Road Trip up to Mineral Point to check out Shake Rag Alley Art Center...My Cousin Doris will be going with me so it should be a good adventure.

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