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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Completed my piece today.

I had to do some of the tweaking and adding a few small details here and there.. 

Oak-Painted Mare, War Pony Series, 24 x 36 
This piece has taking on a fall season, Which is great with the color I added. Two thick coats of polymer and I also put two coats of varnish.  Just wanted to make sure because of the layers.  

I had some black gesso, stored in the room so I primed my next one and a sanded a skate deck and also primed it with black gesso yesterday and today add two coats of polymer to the surface so it can be read for whatever comes next.  

I also get my butt back in gear and went under the one art tables and declutter and red dotted items. Now my recycling bin has two big bin of magazines...now I don't know why I'm saving for the world...Like were are all going to need magazines to collage with then. 

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