Saturday, June 25, 2016

Walking the streets seeing the Art

Big sculpture show on the streets of Sioux Falls.  When I came up to this one I just fell in love it with it.  I've done a bit of stone carve and know that it's not easy at all.  But something about it that spoke to me. When I touched it because I have to do that it was so smooth...

The fish was cool the way looking through it and what it had you focus on. 

 Another stone carved sculpture something of a Picasso style .
 Beautiful bronze Sculpture of the Deer wrapped in a cloth.

 I had to take a picture of this.  No signage by this one as who created it. but though it could be art right?
 This was all bicycle tires really was cool...we both liked these up-cycled sculptures.

 This Bull head lights up in the evenings.
 Here's one that we both thought was cool .
 Back of the Indian sculpture
Something about this creatures looks that I was drawn to.  I think the Rams nose is like a camel which I do love the face of a camel. 

Some day I will be able to gallop along on a horse like that.  Love the way this one makes me feel free.  

The whole time we were walking the streets looking a the sculptures,  I couldn't help but look up to see the Black Eagles-Turkey Vultures circling. My curiosity had me going wondering why they were there in city.  What could be food for them there?  Unless something died on the roof tops. 

As we got to a clearing then I saw this the tower loaded with them. Perfect stop I guess. Later found out when we were chatting up with the Sculpture dude at the Porter Sculpture Park that the are endangered and protected so they can't doing anything about it...they've tried ways to chance them off but the keep coming back.  This is when I say Embrace it and let it what it is.  Kind of cool in my book though.  Had to travel all this way for exciting things like this...right?  but this is the kind of stuff I enjoy to learn about. 

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