Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dillman's Experience Collage Workshop 3

 Adela Graced us this week too.... he..he.... She sang all day long one day....She's making a Red Roof too.
 Mary from Montana is building up her Red Roof but she wanted to make it a cool!

 Nancy from Steven Point working on her's....we use a workstation to create on so when it gets mucked up we can turn the page over and have a new clean surface to create on.

 Susan's Red Roof getting read to tack it down.
 Pam's got her Red Roof done and working on the next assignment.

 Bette is getting the sky and foreground in place for that building and roof.

 Jane has her's read to do a Green Glazing.

And here is  Karen showing us the Jacket with my art work, Thanks Sweetie

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