Sunday, April 10, 2016

No Camera Card...Darn, Rats and double rats...then Cupcakes!!!

Students started the day with adding touches of color here and there before they coated the last side of there papers. I decided to present my demo right after that...I have a tendency to get a bit windy with the words then but all in good information...and I'm clearer in the morning with my thoughts. After lunch with food in out bellies we are not at full attention...I would welcome a little nap too with all the creative play we have in these workshops.  So above is the demo piece which is hard to tell where the layered part is yet because the shadowing need to be added and possible some stitching and string embellishment.  I will show that this morning when we begin day three. 

 After lunch we create a Red Roof House, I let everyone know now they are part of the Red Roof Society.  No not the Red Hats...the Red Roof...we all have a little chuckle with that. This little process exercise I found to be helpful for them to learn all the steps. And being we are working with a rough organic edge of the papers this is perfect to see how.  Starting with that Horizons line and working from there.  Practicing the Wabi Sabi method of creating...that the Imperfect is the Perfect and adds character to you work. I loved this because some house/homes had three windows and no door..

The sad part of this is I didn't have my Camera card in my camera so I had to use my camera phone..which I'm always taking blurry picture this one too much sunny coming from the window..yikes.  There were moments of great process work I would have like to taking but no such luck now so as I said Darn, Rats and double Rats...again No Mind sometimes.

But by the end of the day there were smiling face and I believe a good sense of accomplishment ready to gear up for a full day of creating a Floating Collage. So it ends with Cupcakes!!!!

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