Monday, April 04, 2016

Honoring the hours of the day~

So as a practice or exercise for my workshops I have everyone make a Red Roof House, by using my scrapes and the red piece of paper I give them. At Michael's they now have these shadow box frames. this is a 5 x 7 one. 

 Here it is not behind the class in the frame. You can see it better with out the glare from the glass and the shadow of the box.  We are going to be learning how to make Floating collages where the edge of the papers becomes as important as the subject matter in the center. Can't wait.  Daily chores etc it takes me the week to get ready for these workshops..yikes.

 With the Hourly prayers I shared yesterday... I wanted to complete this exercise from the week's chapter 4 and make a book...

Sharing the pages as I went along...what every scraps of paper were lying near by I grabbed and tacked in.  the method of tacking in a book posses a problem as the pages when closed in the book become stuck together so then I had to add a sheet of deli paper and glue it down.

 The afternoon is the hardest on me mentally...that is when the shadows start to play mind melt with me and doubt slips using this little prayer might be a antidote for the understand and see a new perspective.

Well this is what I had to get home to instead of staying at the Collage Society meeting which I know was a good one, learning about how to assemble objects to other objects.

I've not thought this way in along time...every time I do create a my mind goes to how to break it down to create a class etc...and making something like this as a useful spiritual tool is exciting and a different way to approach a day....little did I know I was already in motion with this on some parts.


  1. Wonderful little book, Laura. As far as the sticking pages in a book, rub a little bit of cold wax (Dorland's or Golden) or Johnson's Floor Wax onto the pages to seal them and stop the sticking.

  2. Hi Jo, Thanks for the tip..with the polymer I wasn't thinking. Right now the deli papers sheet cut the size just glued in at the gutter of the pages is working great. But will have to remember that for next time.


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