Saturday, April 02, 2016

Answering Questions and brambly bits

Which takes precedence in your creative work, the process of creating, or the product created? 

Ideas sometimes float and fly in...other times Ideas have me bagging my head against a wall trying to figure out how to balance it all in and then what afterwards as of having product.  The balance with creative work...when its multiplying around the house worse them the dust bunnies and dust puppies. 

Mind set is a bit thing here...when I'm in the mind set, mindful or whatever the word is these days and I'm creating from a very heart felt place it's all about process for sure. I have a saying I found and it's on my vision board..."I let myself be guided by what paint and gravity do to the materials."  What can you trust....the creative process is a trust walk with your spiritual self that has been making connections with daily and drama... The thing is hear is about life's creativeness of the daily that I have to remember and be reminder about which leads to the next question.  Staying present and trust in the process. 
Is it a challenge to try and stay present to the process, letting go of desires regarding the end product?

Human's beings have some awesome abilities...Hands, thumbs, all our senses, spirituality -something bigger then ourselves with hopefully a good brain that I think mostly we can't help but be creative and react to life with process ways....Before $ came in it was a trade of abilities to keeps us all going. 

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