Sunday, March 20, 2016

Scouting out~

 Made my way to the B. Harley Bradley House in Kankakee IL.  I was with Pat C a lovely creative fun person. We met and she invited me and I shared my proposal for a workshop and we talked and discussed how it could be all possible.
 The floors are a main not want to get paint, polymer or anything on the floors and what would be the best approach for that.  The fire place has a nice brick patch of floor in front of it and that would be a perfect place for me to stand...They have rectangle tables and circle tables to be used.

 A few side Coves can be used for drying of the papers on the floor which of course would be covered with a drop cloth/plactic dollar store table cloth or Rosin paper...something would cover the paper.
 This is the dinning room...
 Here is the kitchen area with the sink...we would be walking to it and also a station for tacking down would be done in there for the electricity. You see the lighting is not the best so they would have the electricity used up on the main room for lighting....
 There's a stove and oven for ya....heading in to the pantry area...

 Coming in the back door looking down the hall way into the area where the workshop would be presented. The want this to happen there..but I'm not sure. Can't guarantee paint won't get some where.
 I think this is the coach house that is in back of the main house...didn't get the tour because there wasn't time. The quickly accommodated me because I was coming down for the pick up of art work and was in the area.
 Side but front door.

 Look at the Eaves or roof hang over on this baby!
 Side of the lot which is really close to the Kankakee River...I asked if it every flooded and they said no but doesn't mean it could of the water go high enough.
 Front view with the bottom row of window is the first photo I have so you can see where it's at and the workshop would be.  Didn't go up stairs...wasn't time.

 I then head back home but couldn't not stop at the Midewin Prairies out there on IL 53, Took a photo of the birds as reference from the signage they had out there...Kind of cool the old Arsenal place with tons of bunkers...I man and his to teenage shared with me that it is now a place their saving seed at just in case some day something happens...which is cool but scary if you have to plan and think that way...
 Well this is the mile marker for where you can look out over the prairie and maybe see a glimpse.

After I walked out there and found out where they were...I continued a bit further and found the signage with the birds Identification chart and the photo of the bison below.  I gave a prayer of thanks,  I pulled out my little baggie of sage, shell and lite the sage for a small smudging and prayer to all directions in witness of the beauty all around me with cool crispy clean air, the moving clouds, the song of all the birds, the good travel and many more of life's opportunity in the future sitting just over the horizon.  I gave thanks.   

Photo of a bison that is on the signage there as you try to see be of service of this great creature their on the prairie would be so cool...the person that has that job I envy them...I know to envy isn't  good but wow at the brick of restoring and bring this creature back to where they belong is an awesome job.  Mainly keeping an eye on them and monitoring them.  

So I draw a shape around the area where they were...I could tell because the shape moved and became a line then it gathered up again...That's where they were the a month ago when I dropped off the picking it up I stop again..

What an awesome day, the husband had a great day too as he sent to visit his Uncle whom is not in the best health.  He gave him a few of his black smithing nails he made and spent the whole day there listening to his stories of the where each one of these tools came from that he gave to my husband yesterday.  

Lots of head nodding but the beauty is the gift of listening to your elders. His Aunt didn't want him to leave...she seen how much fun his uncle was having and enjoying with my Husband we had each an awesome day individually and came back in touch with each other over a early dinner and shared our day....What blessing in every day.

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  1. I went to an art show in that house last summer. What a wonderful building! A workshop there would be awesome!


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