Saturday, March 26, 2016

Recovery, Walking, Goodwill and Husband's creative projects

Grateful our big guy, Hank(black great dane) is back to some normal-ness with a bit of a limp....(husband says he's got a cowboy walk if you see him from behind, bad arthritis in both knees) but he's eating, drinking lots of water, my gosh I need a mop next to the bowl again. Gleefully happy about that.  It's hard to realize this all but now that I look back he's had this walk for a long time, not with the limp though.  That was my concern all along but now we know, none to pretty but we can help him have a more peace some what of a less painful elder dog life.  I laid with him on our bed before I went for a walk in the woods...I was feeling a bit exhausted from the day before,  Couldn't sleep but needed to counter balance I went then for an good long afternoon walk.  

Been walking more lately, put on 6 miles yesterday,  mainly to build back up my leg muscles and doing more squats too as I warm up and cool down. Being on the back of the horse once a week really plays with the leg muscles.  So I moan and groan or I get with it and work them out.  I've seen evidence of it this past week when I went to lessons.  I used my legs more then anything.  Thought it's like just let me hang on the back of horse till I get, don't let me off. But that's impossible and I don't wan't to give up.  I want to be able to ride the horse I want to ride like that young gal I see each week before me.  I know I'll have my own spin on things but I would like to ride with experience.  So it looks like I'll be going for some time yet.  I have one more lesson then I will have to resign up and I don't want to miss being able to go out side in the area...looking forward to that.  When I got there this pass week I was able to "Curry" and Brush Buddy, I wasn't riding buddy but them let me comb and brush him...that's so cool...But most of them know they will be going out in the area then after.

After walking yesterday I was whirling in my mind about what paper I will use behind the next painted pony I'm working on...and I picked happy.

When this goes on the larger 24 x 36 wood panel there will be more papers all around in a grid formation but wanted to be comforted by the knowing of what she would be resting to move into the Easter Holiday with excitement about getting back into this piece.  Creating something is just about being in the studio it's also about waiting practically some time for the next good orderly direction. I've got and it feel good. 

After the walk I swung around to the Goodwill and the Ace Hardware, needed to replenish the supply of Nevr Dull for the workshops coming up and I've wanted to pick up some men's larger shirts got some ideas about cutting them off and making some woman's shirts out of them...Ideas always coming in...just wish there was more time to activate them all.

And now the husbands next project was a present for our neighbor, birthday was Tuesday...took some time to finish this up. It's a letter opener...A bit manly and that Gnarly thing going's just so cool though. So proud of him.

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