Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Facing Every Action Realistically

After finding these Cedar block under on of my tables in the studio...and idea came.  Then I was asked to teach for the next what would I teach.  A class on combining collage and assemblage. Something did involve bring the whole creative workshop too, bit some tools that would be manageable to to carry each week.   These little creative art blocks took on some personalities all their own. This is Nuthatch.

This piece was inspired by a Book Living Wabi Sabi and for the first section Called The Beginning.  Each week I would read a section and then I would give it some time to rest....and then create a piece.

Yesterday I got the courage to send back a email...time need to be allow for vacation, holiday etc.  I fretted terribly about if I was going to do it....and kept letting it pass another day and another day telling myself I didn't need to make my mind up...Then Courage stepped in and I wrote the email...then let it set half a day and then read it again and hit the send button.

With in half a day the answer was yes...send some image of them -artwork, smaller image through.  So there were a few that I liked and felt passionate about and other that I feel were good and then other that I thought would look good in the gallery....Three batches of works were email to the gallery direction/owner.  Each time I sent one there was great fear...voice started to rise up and I kept taking one step, one realistic step at a time.   I emotionally felt like I was in a gripping hell....Hard to believe right...this is the stuff that goes on behind the scene that you don't talk about or share...for that wouldn't be professional or it would embarrass you make you feel ashamed of your work...Not good to show the public Right?

Well after hitting the button with the three different batches...that step was done it felt good to have that done and behind me...what ever happens happens out of my hands I did my part.

The thoughts of what our art work is worth and valued is a difficult one to adjust to with out ego stepping in thinking your all that...yikes!   Like all the other emotions it's a package deal so work with it all is the challenge.

Happy to say Facing Every Action- I need to take-Realistically works...not easy but it works I will be shipping some work to Cappaert Contemporary Gallery  

Going walking today....need to rack up my miles and Horseback riding today...last lesson of 5 but I'm signing up again for 5 more!!!


  1. Laura,
    I SO appreciate the fact that you are able to show your fear in the midst of your artistic process. It sure helps to know I'm not the only one whose knees are knocking when I send something out to be juried.

  2. If I look at it as an awareness, As of Honey it's time to pay attention some stuff going to happen and you'r going to be part of it....which is more of an excitement thinking process I do better...if I'm up to that...most time I'm not and juggling many things and get caught off guard and then I have to fast I'm feeding the doubt and fear. This stuff I hear never goes away...we just get better at faking's still there in all of us.


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