Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Drop off and sticks

Yesterday I took a bit longer then normal to walk and wander off the path and looked for some sticks to use in the making of some talking sticks.  The are doing some brush maintenance out there on the path and I found this nice straight ones in front. Then as I walked and beat the sticks together making my own drumming sounds like the Red Bellied Woodpeckers out there I came upon the Shaggy bark Hickory and looked down around the base of the tree and there were a bunch of branches.

I mentally asked in a prayerful way if it was OK to uses the branches to make talking sticks and listened a while and then felt good feelings so I will accept those as yes it was good to use them.

It's important to know the objects going into the process of creating a talking stick.  You always wish for the good energy.

I will let them before a while and listen to them and see what will be next as of the natural objects that speak loudly to be combined.

Heading off to drop off this work at Oak Park Library...group exhibit with the Midwest Collage Society. Just letting traffic die down some before I head out.


  1. Hi Laura,I love the nature materials!

    1. Me too Analia, I'm letting dry out a bit and then I think I'm going to take the bark off them so when I wrap the leather around and sew it on the bark isn't loose underneath...well that's my thinking this far.


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