Thursday, February 25, 2016

Framing up a piece

Elizabeth and her German Garden
12 x 12 collage on watercolor paper
 and will be matted and framed to an 18 x 18
 gold frame..I know totally not my norm.

Yesterday I ended up doing yoga in the morning and dressed up in a comfortable long skirt and adorned myself with jewelry and perfume. And then I headed up to the studio. I had pulled this piece out and it was unfinished and started to work on it the Sage green really came over me.  I made this paper last year around this time when I took a workshop with Crystal Neubauer and when I got home from the workshop I stated this but then my attention got distracted on art biz stuff or I had to get going and teach my own class and well it moved around and then surfaced back to the top.

I've been really practicing to listen to the papers and the composition that presents itself. Before I know it 3 hours had passed. I sure do love why that happens.  The thing is the process is what I love and I'm not sure if I'm in love with the is not my normal so it's out of a comfort zone area...I question what is that softer value slipping in for?  And I'm best now asking more it's done and I'm framing it up for a drop off tomorrow at LaGrange Art League for the month of March..Happens to be a garden theme show.

By the evening I had to go see my New Accountant.  I'm so use to doing it all myself that it took me two years to give this job up...OM Goodness why did I want. I still have to keep records but when it comes to the reading comprehending and putting figures in the right spot...I don't know how I did it. But now I"m so relieved and a big weight has been lifted. Oh I still owe but I did better in income then years past...On to framing now.

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