Monday, February 08, 2016

Finished works from Students

 Here is Nancy C.

 Martha L.
 Kay's,(sorry for the blurry photo...only one I got)
 Joan P.
And Mine...Title of this piece, "Gathering of the Girls"  Susan you see has been working for the Phone company every since she turned 18, and Patrica is a whiz with the sewing machine.  And lastly we have Camille who will voice herself with out a care.  They have been friends since the 2nd Grade and are a threesome to be reckoned with...and they just love each other to death.

The photo was collected from a antique mall and the other little finds were given to me or I found them at other resale and antique shops along the way and collected them for something just like this.
Playing around and exploring collage and assemblage.

The next class at Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oak Brook IL 
will be the Creative Art Blocks..Starts February 29th Mondays 9-11:30am. 


  1. Could we make creative art blocks in an on line class ??? They look like so much fun!!!


    1. Something to work toward Barabara.....people would have to have someone cut the block and drill whole for the door may not have Husband like ours to help them so how to does on get that to many all over the place. I will be making a pdf the process so that I can have available for a small purchase and then the possibility to do at home would be there...Ideas all to put in action....shortly.

    2. Great ... I will buy it !!!


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