Saturday, February 20, 2016

Did the photo Shoot-"Rachelle's Dance"

 Restocked the assemblage drawers with new stuff...never know what will lead the way and inspire me. So always good to have a selections in this case. 

 Oh I'm a repeat kind of to see things in numbers these are the legs. 

 Made up a batch of mini Collages...2 x 2 and then now cutting off the tape and getting them ready by glazing the edge of the collage so you don't see the white...want that weathered look for this little blocks.
 Satified with the placement Hole is drilled and now the glue to make sure it just doesn't pop off... I screw it the door knob but glue is all was good too.

 I couldn't pass up the shadow created by the piece... loving it. 

And here I would like to introduce to you, "Rachelle's Dance"  The green and the ribbon that is stuffed in the door knob on the time and whimsy black thread I have tied around all the carpet tacks...lead it's way to a feeling and being St. Patrick's Day is coming up the next words that popped into my head was Rachelle's going to a shorting that up to Rachelle's Dance.

Now to put this in to a class lesson/pdf....I've got some writing to get a move on grateful I was able to spend the day creating it and shooting the photo's so I have a fresh lesson plan. I think I have some 50 images and I think my camera's body is changing colors as there's paint all over it...yikes.  


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I just love your art blocks! Will you be offering a class on line in the future? Will you be offering them for sale?
    Your work is wonderful and an inspiration for me!
    Julie Denning

    1. Hi Julie,

      No on line class yet. but if I do well with writing up the pdf lesson plans then I will offer them up for a small fee.. And yes they are for sale...There about 9" at the most tall and about 5" wide.

  2. Just wonderful LAura!


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