Friday, February 12, 2016

Checking in on myself~

After a lengthy morning page session, meditative and spiritual readings I got the urge to do a collage meditation in my collage journal.  The prompt was to seek a word and listen with it, This mornings word was "Think" and also my rock affirmation was, " You're a Gift."  

The Husband goes to his computer in this garaged everyone more to chat on line with his motorcycle buddies from all of the world, kind of cool I think. I sat and listened as I was creating this collage, Hearing the homestead hot water heater hum...what a blessing we have warmth and the bubbling of the fish tanks water going through the motion of filtering the water.   The stir of someone upstairs opening their door to head to the bathroom and get read for work. The wind kicking up outside enough to make the chimes sing. More and more noise entered the kitchen area where I set at my laptop and the silence of little sounds popping in came to a chaos of volume.  All good but louder.  

This and last nights chat with a dear friend brought me back to my vision board.  I've completed 30 days of no sugar, grains of kind, legumes, and dairy. I've decided to continue this journey of whole eating and cleaning with another 30 days.  My goal and gift to myself was to take horseback  riding lessons. I know how to ride some what but I want to learn the basics...the grooming and preparing of the ride and what goes into it.

So  I will seek that out.  I had so quickly thrown that out the window yesterday when it was on my list of things to do and check out...There's a place I like to go to but it's farther away so I'll seek something closer.

Off to walk in the woods and tending to a part of me that get set aside way to quickly.

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  1. You are an inspiration Laura. You don't take anything for in the moment.


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